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  1. Community Health Scavenger Hunt: You will post your power point presentation to the discussion board and submit a written document of your findings to Canvas.
    1. Document:
      1. Take a photo that demonstrates you visited this community site and captures images that represent what you found
      2. In less than 150 words describe how this item impacts the surrounding community.
        1. You must cite one peer reviewed journal article
        2. You must reference one fact about the community in your explanation of the impact.
          EXAMPLE:The community of Neverland is a food dessert. In neighborhood of Neverland, there are not any supermarkets or grocery stores and the local specialty markets are unaffordable for the residents. However, the residents recently started a Farmers Market on Thursday evenings. Farmers markets have demonstrated to alleviate food shortages and even decrease the grocery prices. (Larsen, 2009)Larsen, K., & Gilliland, J. (2009). A farmers’ market in a food desert: Evaluating impacts on the price and availability of healthy food. Health & place, 15(4), 1158-1162.
      3. Quote from someone affiliated with or affected by the item.
      4. Reflection on your impressions of this site and how this may have impacted your view of your community.
    2. Power Point Presentation: (POST to Discussion for Week 3)
      1. Prepare a power point presentation on your findings
      2. Each item will be one slide
      3. Include photos, quotes, insights
      4. You will be evaluated on the ways in which you connect unique attributes (e.g., people, places, policies, community infrastructure, history) to what you found in your scavenger hunt

Scavenger Hunt Items:

  1. Food Desert
  2. Government public health effort
  3. Non-profit/private public health effort
  4. Cultural inclusiveness
  5. Health education
  6. Aging in the community
  7. Example of health inequity
  8. Public health law in action
  9. Citizens taking action to improve their community
  10. Community health opportunity to improve the health of adolescents

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