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Look at the additional resources part for an upload of the outline to be followed




Follow these guidelines in your paper:

1.Organize it into topical headings

a.Each heading must be a concept or event that you have learned in the course

b.Under each heading, include (as citations) where the concepts are found in the various assignments and how they all fit together.

c.Be sure that all the paragraphs under each heading relate directly to the concept/event being discussed.

2.Under each heading, include examples of the principle from the following:

a.Wills text

b.Related reading assignments

c.Course presentations

3.Format your paper in current APA style and follow scholarly writing standards.

a.Do not use first-person perspective.

b.Use double-spacing in the paper.

c.Include an abstract.

d.Use at least 3 sources; one souces can be the Wills book

e.Use internal citations. (Any in-text citations must have corresponding references in the reference list.)

f.Include a properly cited reference list. Some reminders:

i.Cite references from the various materials from the course (and any other references) that support your choice of principles.

ii.Do not use underlining.

iii.The words in the titles of a journal article or a book are not capitalized (except for the first word, proper nouns, and the first word following a colon).

iv.References must have corresponding in-text citations.


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