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  Term Paper (Feasibility Study for a Foreign Market Entry), ....

(Individual: Foreign Market Entry Strategy)

You will prepare a report, including recommendations, for an actual company's overall entry strategy into a foreign market. Your strategy should include attention to the social, political, cultural, and economic environment of the country you propose entering, the entry and organizational strategies the company should advance, including potential alliances with local firms, and a discussion of the ethical, negotiation, leadership, and management challenges associated with your recommendation. This analysis should integrate the readings and cases for the course in the context of the actions of a specific firm.   This analysis will be approximately 10-15 double-spaced pages (with complete references, APA FORMAT).

Step one: 

State the study objectives

Discuss who you are in terms of your company, where you are located, how many employees you have etc.  This is to give you some authenticity.  You can make up all the info or base it on a small existing company.  What is your product(s) and/or service(s)?

Step two: 

Select a host country to expand your business - why did you select this country? 

Discuss the business environment in the following contexts: 

Political & Economic including trade agreements 

Legal & ethical ......Learning Outcome 1

Social & cultural  ....Learning Outcome 2

For your analysis, you are required to use any two of the following cultural dimensions (Chapters 4-5):

Hofstede  (include home and host country's comparison charts)



Demographic environment of this country. 

Use established facts and figures. 

Step three: Based on the above analysis and your research, explore: .... Learning Outcome 3

Major opportunities for doing business in the host country (e.g. population base, economy, need for the product/service)

Major challenges (e.g. competition, infrastructure, government policies, culture, legal environment)

Step four ..... Learning Outcome 3

Select, describe and justify your entry strategy (Chapter 9).  You need to select one and it must be in compliance with local host country laws and culture. 

Step five: 

Your final decision - to go ahead; decide against it; or to postpone entering the market. 

Discuss 3-4 critical success factors that will contribute to positive outcome of the project


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