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We have discussed numerous social justice issues via blog this semester. For your research paper assignment you may select any social justice issue of your choice to write on. (You are not limited to previous topics).

The research paper should make a sound argument(s) (in the form of a thesis statement) that is proven through your investigation of published sources on a topic that has been approved by the instructor.

The paper includes:
• prior consultation with instructor (Outline attached) [10 pts]
• an interesting, creative title [2 pts]

• an introduction that identifies the theme of your research and ends with a clearly stated thesis statement [15 pts]

• evidence from studies addressing the problem you have selected [10 pts]

• analysis that applies appropriate methods, theories, stats, or other research and leads to an answer to your question [25 pts]

• conclusion that restates main points and reiterates your evaluation [8 pts]

• APA style title page, abstract (100 words), and reference page with appropriate in-text citations [20 pts]

• careful attention to editorial details (spelling, vocabulary, grammar, transitions, STAPLED) [10 pts]

Total: 100 points

You must use and cite published sources (books and journal articles; not web pages, dictionaries, encyclopedias). Quotations or paraphrased material from journal articles should provide roughly ¼ of the content in your paper.

Number of sources:
You are to use no more than 2 scholarly journal articles and one book or e-book…I will also allow the use of 1 reputable website (or any other reputable source). That brings the total to a maximum of 4 sources.

You may incorporate ONLY 3 direct quotes in your essay.
Each quote should NOT exceed 3 lines in length.
*5 points will be deducted for each oversight of this restriction.

The completed paper has content of 3 double-spaced, typed, edited, numbered pages.
The reference page is the 4th page.


(P.S. The paper only has to be 3 pages, thats without the title page, abstract, reference page. But I need all those added in also.)

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