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Write a research paper on the strawberry crop that includes the following information. Please use only peer –reviewed sources.

Please cite your articles in the paper and include a works cited list.

Information to be included in the paper and the presentation:

Scientific Name

Family – family characteristics

Center of Origin

Wild relatives


Features of wild relatives that have been lost in the domesticated plant

Features of wild relatives that have been retained in the domesticated plant

How well does it fit the “domestication syndrome?”

How does domestication affect non-harvested parts of the plant

How and when was it spread to other areas?

How is it propagated today?

Where is it grown today?

What are current disease or pest challenges facing the crop?

Is this also a challenge for the wild relative?

Which traits are being targeted by current breeding efforts?

Current research to improve agronomic characteristics

Other interesting information


Depth of understanding


Quality of sources



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