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1. How might (and can) cities in the position of Salt Lake City, as a booming city, create policies that address scarcity in affordable housing?

2. How can affordable housing benefit the city?

The final paper is a formal argument based on the issue you have chosen and the thesis statement.


1. Mechanics

A. The basics – spelling, grammar, sentence structure

B. Proper referencing – in text citations – works cited

Make sure all in text citations are correct and that your Works Cited page adheres to APA or MLA guidelines. Please refer to the Purdue Owl website for all questions pertaining to APA or MLA formatting

2. Style

A. Clarity and coherence – Is the reader able to easily understand the paper’s contents and does the paper logically flow from one idea to the next? Is the paper representative of a college level academic endeavor?

B. Does the paper follow your outline in terms of the key ideas you identified, and do you provide evidence in your paper to support those points?

3. Content

A. Does the paper adequately fulfill the assignment?

Make sure that you clearly state the topic of your paper and your position concerning that topic. Everything that you write needs to refer, in some way, to the topic and your question. Upon completion of the paper, ask yourself, does my paper convince the reader to accept my position on this topic? Have I provided adequate evidence to support my position? Remember, to re-iterate your thesis statement in your paper so that the reader is not guessing about it.

B. Quality of research

Your paper should reference the sources you identified in your key words and phrases, along with any additional suggestions that I made in your feedback or other sources you identified while researching the paper. Do not rely on only one or two sources for the majority of the paper.

4. Does the paper meet Turnitin standards?

Each student will submit his/her paper in CANVAS where Turnitin will examine the paper for plagiarism and original content.

I am very serious about plagiarism. If TurnItIn identifies more than one or two instances of writing that is not referenced in your paper, you may be subject to academic sanctions that are detailed in the syllabus under the Academic Misconduct section. Before you turn in your paper, please run it through TurnItIn to make sure your writing is appropriately cited. In other words, you should get a grade of no lower than 13.5 out of 15 on this section of the grading rubric!

Your paper should be between 8 – 10 pagesin length (not including the title page or Works Cited page). It should be double-spaced with normal margins and no larger than 12-point font. Your paper must also be submitted through CANVAS so as to enable Turnitin to check for plagiarism.

You will lose an additional 2 points for each day that the paper is submitted late, and you will receive zero points if the paper is not submitted by December 13, 2019 at 11:59 pm.

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