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MUST Provide reason for each option you choose

A voltaic cell is assembled at 298K with Fe (s) and Fe(NO3)2(aq) in one compartment and Au (s) and Au(NO3)3(aq) in the other. An external wire connects the two electrodes, and a salt bridge containing KNO3 connects the two solutions,

Fe2+(aq) + 2 e  à  Fe (s) E° = –0.44 V

Au 3+(aq)  +  3 e à  Au (s) E° = 1.50 V

#7. What is the standard cell potential for the above electrochemical cell?

– 1.94 V

1.94 V

1.06 V

– 1.06 V

3.62 V

#8. What is the value of ∆G° for the above electrochemical cell?

–1123 kJ

–562 kJ

–374 kJ

1123 kJ

613 kJ

#9. Which of the following statements concerning the above electrochemical cell is


As the reaction proceeds, the value of Ecell decreases.

As the reaction proceeds, the value of K° remains constant.

As the reaction proceeds, the value of ∆G° approaches zero.

As the reaction proceeds, the mass of the anode electrode decreases.

All of the above statements are correct.

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