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Analysis and Evaluation of the Community Agency Observation

Paper details:

Assignment 2: (RA 2): Analysis and Evaluation of the Community Agency Observation

In this assignment, you will turn in your final project documents, analysis, and evaluation of your community agency observation.


Create a report by compiling and reviewing all your documents and research related to the project. Your final submission should include the following:

Analysis and Assessment:

In an 8- to 10-page report, complete the following:
1.Describe the organization in which the service learning took place, including its policies, procedures, and services. In the description, include the following:
a.The organization’s community:
•What services do they provide
•Who uses the services
b.The organization’s location:
•How accessible is your agency
•Must they walk or take public transportation
•Must they cross ethnic, racial, class, or gang boundaries For example, low-income women of color may be hesitant to visit an agency located at a university in an affluent, predominantly white setting.
c.The organization’s décor:
•Is the décor, including the waiting area or reading materials, culturally responsive to diverse populations
d.The organization’s staff composition:
•What is the ethnic, racial, or class background of the staff
•Does the staff seem culturally aware and responsive
2.Assess the multicultural organizational development of the institution where the service learning took place. Make sure that you describe:
a.The mission statement and programs: Does the agency reflect a commitment to diversity Is this commitment exemplified by its programs
3.Summarize a few critical incidents when multicultural aspects were addressed (directly or indirectly).
4.Explain how the activities and staff demonstrated multicultural sensitivity when identifying problems and responding to symptoms and help-seeking behaviors.
5.Analyze how those critical incidents affected your cultural self-awareness and professional relationship, specific to the provision of culturally competent services.
6.Apply a multicultural and interdisciplinary approach to generate a proposal for what the organization can do to improve its sensitivity to multicultural issues.

Contribution and Reflection:

In a 1- to 2-page report, complete the following:
•Summarize the leader’s review of your contribution to the organization.
•Explain how you felt that you contributed to the organization. This means expanding on the leader’s review by providing supporting evidence.


Include the following documents as individual appendices.
•Service learning weekly self-reflection process worksheets (one for each module after the proposal)
•Leader’s 1-page review


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