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M1 Assignment 3
This incident happened outside Mr. James home where he was found smoking cigarette and bhang. In this case we find a young man aged fifteen who is already addicted to cigarette and bhang in his early ages. It is true that, this young man was smoking while he was walking back to his house.
The type of forensic assessment in this case was drug abuse evaluation. This is true because the young man had been using cigarette and bhang for quite some time. From the assessment done, it was not the first time the young man was smoking bhang and cigarrete. From the tests done, his blood level was above the normal limit which means that he had been consuming it for a long time. On our investigation, we realized that it was a family problem whereby his grandparent, parents, cousins’ brothers and even his uncles and aunts were consuming these drugs. We also find that the young man started smoking at the age of fifteen and this had already affected his education .In school he was so depressed and he thought that smoking bhang and cigarette will help him reduce his stress at school. We found that this is enough evidence of drug abuse evaluation. He also needs to be helped to come out of this situation. According to this evaluation, it helped in identifying the weaknesses and realizing why he abuses the drugs.
According to the referral, it will help in the evaluation of other important needs. For example, we find that the young man was smoking in order to manage his depression at school. This enabled us to identify the challenges the young man was undergoing in his life especially at school.
In this assessment, it helps us in evaluating if the young man was passing through any problem during smoking consumption of which it was to reduce stress and depression. In this assessment the matter is discussed in details and those groups or individuals involved will come up with a plan to help the client in the problem solving mechanism and the report produced will assist in identifying the kind of advice needed to the client.(Gustafson, Ingvar, et al.)
The young man is transparent to his lawyers by disclosing some of his life stories and how he ended up in the same situation of being a drunkard. We realized that in this case there is a character of openness. The young man was bright, and from this case, he became medical doctor at his early age. After listening to his case, were sympathetic. He had been disturbed by depression which resulted to stress to a point of being a drunkard.
A psychologist used assessments and tests to help in making a diagnosis of a patient’s mental health condition. The tests carried out assists in understanding the person’s behavior which may be causing problems. Also helps people in getting out of life experiences. From this case the young man is evident that, he turns to smoking in order to manage stress. (Nilsson, K.)
Most addicts can decide to cheat and are used to do so, so as to continue with their behavior. In psychology there is a close understanding of the addicts as they are biased by their addiction. A psychologist can assess all the levels and all types of problems facing the addicts. This report will therefore help psychologists in planning the first guidance.
Salvia, John, James E. Ysseldyke, and Sara Bolt. Assessment in special and inclusive education. Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin, 2004.
Gustavsson, Ingvar, et al. “On objectives of instructional laboratories, individual assessment, and use of collaborative remote laboratories. “ IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies 2.4(2009): 263-274.
Case vignettes
Case 1
Mr. Patrick is fifty four years old from England charged with a rape case. The police arrested him after they found that he had raped a six year old girl. He was also found in possession of stolen money that he had stolen from his neighbor at the time of arrest. This really surprised him of being arrested and said that he was accused of this crimes. He initiated a physical examination with the police and immediately was taken in custody so as to protect him and the officers from any harm. The officers report showed that Patrick was not welcoming and that he was irritable emotional when they approached him. He was unable to speak when the police tried to engage with him in a conversation because he thought that the police were trying to kill him. At that time, his energy level was very high and his heart rate very high too. During that moment also , he said that to the police that, he knew the mayor very well and will tell him to prosecute these policemen for lying that he did all these crimes.  The police tried their best but Patrick refused all these accuses and said he did not do all these things he was accused of, instead he persisted to talk to the judge before his case was to be heard. In the cell, he continued resisting and accusing the police saying that, the police cheated that he had raped the young girl and that he had stolen the money from his neighbor and that they only wanted to kill him. He used to tell those others in cell that, these policemen were conmen s and they only wanted to see him death. The police were shocked about this and were in fact trying to contact more information from Patricks’ wife on his mental health because he was acting uniquely and yet he committed the crimes. After contacting the wife, the wife said that, he had not stayed with his husband for a long time. She said that, she had only stayed with Patrick for only two years and with this short period; she had never seen him receiving any mental health treatment. Patrick refused to speak to the police about his treatment history and his charges together with his personal history.
Mr. Patrick faces a trial for the crimes he committed because he denied a plea bargain. He also denied the defense counsel when it was offered.
Identify the type of forensic assessment that would be appropriate for this case and explain the rationale for your decision.
Your choices are:
.Rape case and stealing evaluation
. Competence to stand trial
. Mental health treatment evaluation

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