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Assignment #2 –Visit the Steelcase website at:

And read about electronic whiteboards. What advantages and disadvantages do you see in using a whiteboard during a meeting? Would you recommend purchasing this product? Explain why or why not. Draft a memo to your boss outlining your recommendations and a plan for action (tips are listed below).



When preparing a memo, you

May use a lower-grade paper than you use for letters

May be asked to use a special memo form

Include the title “Memo” (or similar) at the top of the page either centered or flush left

At the top of a memo (arranged in almost any order), place introductory information such as





If a memo has wide distribution, type “See distribution list” after “To:” and place recipient names at the bottom of the page (usually in alphabetical order).

The subject line (or lines) should be short but informative.

For the body of the memo:

Start on the fourth line below heading.

Use single-spacing, with double spacing between paragraphs (unless the memo is very short).

Either indent paragraphs or make them flush left.

Head the second page just as you would head the second page of letter.

Although no complimentary close or signature block is required in a memo, the sender may initial the memo beside his or her name or at the bottom of the memo.

Handle reference initials, enclosure notations, and copy notations just as you would in a letter.

Memos may be delivered by hand, interoffice mail, or post office.


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