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Assessed Poster Presentation  
You are required to research, prepare and present a poster on the enzyme—–glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (NADPH, N3DPH).  
Researching the topic:  
You should start by getting background information about your enzyme .You will then need to extract more specific information from, and use the tools in, the databases you have been taught about. It is expected that in-depth information and appropriate, up-to-date, examples will be drawn both from further reading, especially of the primary literature.  
You will find there is an abundance of material about your enzyme and you will need to be selective in what direction you research further, in order to avoid becoming overwhelmed by too much information. You are not expected to present every known fact about your enzyme, but some key, well established general information ( e.g. enzyme class, mechanism, substrates, etc.) followed by a focus on one or a few up-to-date biologically, biotechnologically or medically relevant issues should result in an interesting story for you to present.  
You should consider presenting some, but not all, of the following aspects:  
class of enzyme, mechanism, function, known structures, binding sites, substrates, cofactors, prosthetic groups, inhibitors, allostery, feedback, kinetics, spatial and temporal localisation, family members, isoenzymes, moonlighting, different species, associated diseases, drug targets, industrial/medical applications.  
Your choice of material is not limited to this list; you are not restricted if you find something else that is relevant and that appeals to you.  
NB: The web is brimming with information however considerable caution is required as material on the web is not subject to the same rigorous editing process as are text books and good journals. It is important that you use reliable information – normally, official company, academic, journal and government sites are reliable. You can use sites such as Wikipedia to read around the subject and use the references it provides, but remember this is not the primary source of the information. The PubMed database provides easy access to peer- reviewed scientific literature ( https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi).  

Preparing the Poster  
The poster should be prepared in landscape format; the printed size will be A1. Your poster should be designed to be clearly readable from someone standing a metre away; ensure you use the correct font size.  
Your poster should be divided into sections/panels using headings and sub-headings. You should start with an Introduction, followed by some general information, then lead onto more focussed material. In these sections you should develop and discuss the main concepts and/or theories, using examples to support your analysis. There should be a logical flow of sections to guide the audience through the story, from the start through to a logical conclusion.  
Your poster should be a balance of text and figures (pictures, diagrams, tables and/or graphs) to illustrate the points you make. You must acknowledge the source of any information and figures with appropriate referencing; use a reference list at the end (this can be in a smaller font).


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