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W#6 – advance health | Nursing homework help

Discussion 1: Men’s Health Planning

This discussion will allow you to examine several different preventive guidelines related to men’s health. 

Choose only ONE of the following topics and respond to the thread corresponding to the question you select.

Please include at least three scholarly sources within your initial post.  

Topic 1: Colorectal Cancer Screening 

A 47-year-old man presents to your clinic for a routine physical. He considers himself to be “fairly healthy” and doesn’t routinely go to the doctor. His last physical was five years ago. In reviewing his chart, you see that his BMI is 30, he exercises twice a week at the local gym, and he does not take any medication. Part of your discussion during today’s visit is about screening for colorectal cancers. He did endorse some constipation in the review of systems. He noted an uncle in his family history who was diagnosed at age 54 with colon cancer. You begin to talk about colorectal screening, and the patient interrupts you and tells you that he is only 47 and that he should not have to worry about it until he is 50.

1. What are the recommendations and source(s) for the colorectal cancer screening test? 

2. The patient thinks he does not have to worry about “being screened” until age 50. Is he correct? Why or why not? What age would you recommend screening for this patient and why? Does his family history come into play here? 

3. What age would you recommend screening for this patient and why? Does his family history come into play here? 

4. What are the screening options for this patient, and which would you recommend? Why? 

Topic 2: Prostate Cancer Screening 

Your patient is an otherwise healthy, white 55-year-old man who presents for his annual physical. He has a history of hypertension and takes Losartan 50 mg daily. His family history is negative for cardiovascular disease or cancer. His review of systems is negative. The patient is a paramedic and exercises regularly. The patient’s BMI is 23. He states that one of his friends was diagnosed with prostate cancer and asks if he needs to be screened. 

1. Which screening guidelines would you utilize? 

2. Keeping the guideline you used in mind, explain and provide rationales for whether you would change your recommendations if: 

a) The patient had a family history of prostate cancer. 

b) The patient was African American. 

c) The patient was 76 years old. 

Topic 3: Testicular Cancer Screening 

A 35-year-old African American male is being seen for a pre-employment physical. His father was recently treated for prostate cancer. His BMI is 24, and his past medical history was negative except for an appendectomy 15 years ago. He states he is too young to be screened for prostate cancer, but he wants to be screened for testicular cancer. 

1. What are the primary risk factors for testicular cancer? 

2. What are the screening options for testicular cancer, and which guidelines did you utilize? 

3. Is screening recommended for this patient, and how would you counsel this patient?

– Please include at least three scholarly sources within your post.  

– Minimum 400 words.


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