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Case: a 36 yo Patient visit clinic today
complaining of weakness, fatigue, and depression. Patient stated to have
history of Hypothyroidism and she is taking L-thyroxine 25 mcg daily.
New order: serum TSH lab. Follow up in one week after laboratory test
One issue for self-directed learning as it relates to the case
study is identified in the oral presentation and the student provides
written research on the self-directed learning topic

The written portion of this assignment should be prepared using the following guidelines:

  • The student’s findings of the self-directed learning topic must be completed on the “SNAPPS WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT TEMPLATE”
  • The report should be between 5-7 paragraphs in length, discussing something learned from the student’s research about the self-directed learning topic.
  • Correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling should be observed.
  • In-text
    citations and reference page should be written in APA format and
    scholarly evidence-based medicine (EBM) references must be used.
    (resources within the last five years old)
  • Research is fully
    supported by at least three (3) appropriate, EBM, scholarly references (3
    critical elements required


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